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Eat more fat – how to beat the afternoon snack attack

Did you know your brain consists mostly of fat? Your body needs good fat to make brain cells!  We have such a nonfat focus in the typical American diet, yet as a society, we’ve never been fatter.  We’re not eating the right kind of fat–“good” fat like olive oil and avocado.

The time of day you eat certain foods is as important as what and how much you eat, especially if you suffer from adrenal fatigue.  For example, American breakfasts set us up for a guaranteed crash in the afternoon.  No “good” fat or protein is included.  Everything is high glycemic–sugary junk food or foods that convert to sugar.  For example, a slice of white bread is a quick step toward sugar.  As for cereal, anything that can stay on the shelf for two years really shouldn’t be labeled food.  Even bugs don’t want cereal.

Most of us actually need to eat more to lose weight, but it has to be more of the right stuff.   For a great mid-morning snack, combine cucumber, celery, kale, carrots, apples, and organic coconut water and churn it up to the consistency you want.  Alkaline veggies also help counteract the inflammatory cascade secreted by the adrenal glands.  Walnuts and apple slices make a great mid afternoon snack.  There’s a natural dip in the way our circadian rhythms work in our adrenal glands, and it’s at about 3PM.  That’s when many of us turn to sugar and/or caffeine—the worst thing to do.  Instead, switch to a combination of good fat like avocados or walnuts, a little bit of protein and little natural sugar (which is in apples) to prevent that crash.

Stuck in the office? Start a life changer at work!  Take a “shake break” with either a protein smoothie or a veggie green smoothie.  Everyone will be nicer, healthier, and the company will likely function better.

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